About Your Purchase

All items are individually handmade. When a multiple of an item is offered, there may be slight discrepancies between each item. When purchasing a set, every effort will be made to have the size and colour match as closely as possible, but variations will always occur even amongst like items. It’s all part of the uniqueness and charm of handmade items and what makes each piece special.

My work is intended to be both beautiful and useful, but pottery, especially porcelain, is delicate. It can last for lifetimes, but won’t tolerate banging or thermal shock. You can put items in the dishwasher, but I recommend hand washing to avoid any possible knock. It’s impossible for pieces to crack on their own, but sometimes cracks may go unnoticed for weeks after being knocked. Please examine your purchase carefully upon receiving it. I do not advise placing porcelain in the oven. It is better used to serve rather than cook in. Microwaving is okay, but not recommended, and impossible if there is any gold lustre on the piece.
I cannot be responsible for breakage after receipt of the item.

Please contact me if there are any other questions you may have.